Hello guix,

Robert Vollmert <rob@vllmrt.net> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. jún. 17., Hét 18:55):
On a pretty fresh Guix System install, I see some regular
sshd error messages on tty1 (which I guess means they’re
written to /dev/console). Also, setting up a regular
shepherd service via make-forkexec-constructor for a
program that logs to stderr (postgrest which I’m in the
process of packaging), all output goes to tty1.

This is also on my todo list for a while, so I can provide some additional information. I noticed this on two services I was using:
ntp-service-type with default config and
prometheus-node-exporter-service-type with default config. I hope that helps somewheat.

Best regards,